What is Kodi: Things you didn’t know about app formerly known as XBMC

By | February 4, 2017
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What is Kodi (formerly known as XBMC)

What is Kodi?

KODI – formerly known as XBMC, is a free media player app developed for entertainment purposes. At first, XBMC is specially built for Xbox Media Center (XBMC), then evolves and become an independent group that continuously develop the software. Later on, they changed the name to KODI.

In years, Kodi keeps gaining its popularity which installed millions user worldwide. Undeniably, Kodi holds a large potential to spawn its own community. And as a proof, this software is currently supported by 500 developers and hundreds translator around the globe.

The option to become non-profit XBMC Foundation leads to rapid growing of Kodi. Like other open source software, all worldwide coders able to contribute, modify and update the Kodi to become better and better.

What is the latest version Kodi?

Kodi v17.5 (Krypton) is the last stable Kodi build that has just been released on 23 October 2017. And for the next successor, they are preparing Kodi V18 Leia.

Kodi has been shaped since 2003 and released 12 versions.

  1. Kodi v17.5 (Krypton) – Latest version released on 23 October 2017
  2. Kodi v17.4 (Krypton)
  3. Kodi v17.3 (Krypton)
  4. Kodi v17.2 (Krypton)
  5. Kodi v17.1 (Krypton)
  6. Kodi v17.0 (Krypton)
  7. Kodi v16 (Jarvis)
  8. Kodi v15 (Isengard)
  9. Kodi v14 (Helix)
  10. XBMC v13 (Gotham)
  11. XBMC v12 (Frodo)
  12. XBMC v11 (Eden)

Kodi is available for almost major devices such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, Firestick TV and other various TV Box.

Here to download various versions Kodi for your device

What Kodi do?

As stated above Kodi is media player center for entertainment, Kodi capable playing almost all media content for videos, music, pictures and even games. With Kodi, you can play media content from any sources whether it is online or offline.

Although from official Kodi is just a pure software to powering your devices to stream with no content in it, you can get countless online movies and music to stream directly to your device by installing third party add-on.

In a simple words, Kodi acts like your browser with limitless available online content to stream, from the latest movies in HD, listen to your favorite music, pictures, all can be brought directly to your Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, podcast, raspberry pi and even on your home TV box.

Kodi Features

  • Movies 

    Kodi supports all the major video formats and sources. You can play various media file types from any sources, either offline (local storage) or online. Kodi capable of playing stream-able online media such as HEVC, WEBM, ISOs, 3D, and H.264, Furthermore, Kodi can display movies along with full posters, trailers, fan-art, video extras, disc-art, actor information, and more.

    what is kodi-videos sample

    Video Library

  • Music  What is Kodi-Musicnote

    Kodi plays almost all format of music including OGG, WAV, AAC, MP3, FLAC, and WMA. Easy and simple navigation with a cue sheet, MusicBrainz integration, tagging support, and also smart playlists for organizing your favorite music collection.

    what is kodi-music sample

    Music Library

  • TV shows  What is kodi-Tv show2-icon

    The TV shows library supports episode and season views with posters or banners, watched tags, show descriptions and actors. Video nodes/tags and smart playlists can further organize your library for special interests, making specific screens for sci-fi, anime, etc.

    what is kodi-TV shows

    Latest Tv Shows and Smart Playlist

  • Pictures  What is kodi-Pictures-icon

    Ultimate control for your pictures with manageable library then display them with different views, start slideshow, filter and sort them with your remote.

    what is kodi-pictures sample

    Pictures Library

  • PVR and Live TV  What is kodi-Tv Live-icon

    Kodi offers you to stream Live TV and record them with personal video recording (PVR).
  • Add-ons  What is kodi-addon-icon

    Kodi is supported by a huge number of communities created many useful add-ons that available in repositories. Various add-ons available such as for videos, music, web services, extra utilities, artwork, virtualizer, control and much more. See the currently available: Add-ons
  • Skin  What is kodi-Skin-icon

    Change Kodi with a totally new interface using various skins available. With the customizable skinning engine, Kodi allows you to completely change the every aspect of Kodi. Thanks to dozens of the community for creating skins, each with their own set of options. See currently available: Skins
  • UPnP  What is kodi-UpNp-icon

    If you got UPnP devices on your home, then good news for you, Kodi is also compatible with those devices. Kodi can act as a client for your UPnP, with this you can syncronize both device displays. You can also easily import UPnP sources then synchronize your data for Kodi.
  • Web Interfaces  What is kodi-Web interface-icon

    Kodi has integrated JSON-RPC based remote interface. With this, you can set Kodi for remote controls and 3rd party tools.

  • Remote Controls  What is kodi-Remote control-icon

    Hundreds of remote controls are supported for Kodi and also in the latest version, you can also use your tablet or smartphone for ultimate control over your Kodi with ease.

From author

As I know, Kodi is the best available and powerful software for streaming movies online. Unlike other streamers such as Chromecast 2, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick, Kodi is free with open source XBMC foundation. That, Kodi not held back by licensing and curated apps.

Kodi has rapid growing development for better modification, update, and shape. It has a large number users participated, from hundreds of worldwide coders, translators, and also millions volunteer to test and find any bug.

Countless media content available from third party add-ons created by dozens supporting community. They provide you stream-able content such as HD movies, latest popular music, pictures and more.

Kodi is available on ranged devices such as iOS, android, tablet, windows, mac os x, Linux, raspberry pi and TV box.

At this point, I hope this article answer your question about what is Kodi.

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