What is Amazon Fire Stick?

By | February 8, 2017
What is amazon fire stick-Channel

What is Amazon Fire Stick

Along with the rising of Kodi popularity, you must heard a lot about the Fire Stick. So, what is Amazon Fire Stick actually?

What is Amazon Fire Stick TV?

Fire stick is a product from Amazon for media streaming. It takes content from the internet and display them on your TV.  Amazon FireStick TV has its own modified Android based operating system called FireOS, which capable to run most of android apps.

By simply plug this device into your HDMI port on your TV, this dongle will transforms your regular TV into smart TV with capability to stream media content from the internet.

The size of amazon Fire Stick is similar to your USB pen drive, which very convenient to use for your mounted TV on the wall. The amazing thing is this small device supports HD 1080 resolution.

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What is amazon fire stick-size

Fire stick in the size of USB pen drive

With Amazon Fire stick, you can stream content over Wi-fi to watch various channel including Youtube, Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, HBO go and more. This can be done by simply plug it into your HDMI TV port.

What is fire stick

Amazon Fire stick plugged into TV HDMI port

The recent Amazon Fire stick comes with a remote control that supports voice recognition and built in Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa. With this you can command the TV using your voice, just like Siri assistant on the iOS.

What is amazon fire stick-remote control

Amazon Fire stick remote control

What You Can Do with Amazon Fire Stick?

  1. Watch streaming videos
    Not only Amazon Fire stick integrated with Amazon Instant videos service, other content providers is also available such as NBA, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and much more. Fire stick supports 1080p HD resolution which is very excellent capability for such small device.
  2. Listen to audio streaming and music
    Music services is included as well,  Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora and so on.
  3. Play games
    You can play whether free or paid game on Fire stick such as Candy crush saga and Minecraft
  4. Other devices mirroring
    You can clone the display of your compatible devices such as Android, iOS or laptop to your TV larger screen using Firestick. With simple setup, you can connect other devices to your TV over Wifi. The content is not limited to online sources, but you can also play your media files from your device’s hard drive.


The Amazon Fire stick is a small but powerful device that plugged into your TV’s HDMI port. Fire Stick capable to turns any TV to stream content over WiFi. This device has many excellent features such as remote control with integrated voice assistant, Movie and music streaming, display mirroring for other devices and games.

The Amazon Fire stick is not limited to the default service from Amazon. You can also enhance its ability by installing other media streaming interface such as Kodi.

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