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By | July 20, 2017 How to Solve Kodi Pairing2 How to Solve Kodi Pairing

Here is how to solve Kodi pairing stream authorization for Server. A simple steps to get rid the annoying error message.

You must noticed that the message above is frequently pop up whenever you are trying to watch movies from server on Kodi.

The error says “To play this video, authorization is required. Visit the link below to authorize the devices on your network: then click Pair”. Then how to solve this?

Before we move to the problem solving, I will give you quick preview about service and also the reason behind Kodi

What is is a video sharing website, where you can upload and share files with others.

As long term fans Kodi user you will find server as one of the most reliable source to watch and stream movies online. This  free video sharing service holds one of the largest database movie source that commonly used in Kodi videos add-on.

Most well known Kodi add-ons have host integrated in their system such as Exodus, Elysium, and even the new Exodus, Covenant.

What is Kodi stream authorization about?

When you attempt to use server for your Kodi device to stream movies, you will be asked to do device pairing for stream authorization.

Device pairing itself is a process to register your device’s IP address to system before using their services. This pairing is totally safe, all does is white-listing your IP address.

This is on Exodus addon as example. When you select server as the source, you will asked to do stream authorization just like below How to Solve Kodi Pairing-Open movie

Exodus movie list, select server How to Solve Kodi Pairing2

Pop up error message from asks pairing for Stream Authorization

Reasons behind device pairing on Kodi

There are two reasons for asking for device pairing. First is to prevent any bandwidth leak commonly used by an authorized access such as bot or non human client.

By filtering those unauthorized user they can avoid any activity that will harm user’s experience such as movie lag, buffering and slow server streaming.

The second reason is about monetization. To cover some expenses for maintain their service, put various ads on their pairing page. This is a win win solution between users and to keep their reliable service for better user experience.

How to solve Kodi?

To get rid of the pop up error message, all you need to do is pairing your device’s IP address with service. Follow steps below (it needs only about 15 seconds to do it)

  1. Using your browser, visit How to Solve Kodi pair page

    Visit using your browser to do pairing

  2. Now, solve/tick the captcha challenge “i’m not a robot”. Then click the Active Streaming button How to Solve Kodi pair page2

    Solve the captcha then click Active Streaming How to Solve Kodi pair page3

    Pairing done, your device has been authenticate for 4 hours

    In case of connection problem and unable to solve the captcha, you can click the “reCaptcha” image on the right side

  3. Your device IP has been paired, go back to your Kodi then select again server as the movie source, you will no longer see the pop up message.

This last for 4 hours. Hence, the pop up message will re-appear in 4 hours. Go back to the pairing page and do device pairing once again. Done pair on FireStick TV and Androix TV box

If you are using FireStick TV or TVBox and you got no browser installed, you can use another device which has the same IP address with your TVBox to do the pairing.

For example, you are using WiFi connection for your TVBox at home, then you can use any browser on your android, PC or laptop to visit the pairing page as long as this device connected to the same WiFi. pair using VPN service

However, if you are using to VPN service (which comes with independent IP address), you need to do pairing using the device’s browser which connected to the same VPN IP.

Is safe? page is safe, all they did was include your IP address to their list of streaming service for up to 4 hours. However, there are some bugging pop up intrusion ads when click on their pairing page.

I suggest you not to do anymore step except for pairing like stated above. Don’t download anything from the pop up ads, don’t click anything suspicious etc. This will prevent your device from installing unwanted app/ads or spam.

Another way to solve pairing on Kodi

Here I am going to give you another method to solve this pairing pop up message. How to solve? The answer is simple, don’t use service which requires pairing.

This method works only for several Kodi video add-ons such as Exodus, Covenant and Elysium (and now many other add-ons). These add-ons have an additional feature to list out server sources that require captcha to access their server. ( server will also omitted from your movie source list)

Follow steps below

  1. Home page > Add-ons then right click on Exodus then select Settings (tap and hold if you are on phone) How to Solve Kodi Pairing-Exodus setting1

    Open Exodus settings

  2. Now, select Playback then turn off Hoster with Captcha How to Solve Kodi Pairing-Exodus Exclude hoster

    Turn off to Exclude hoster with captcha

  3. This way, you will only see movie sources (Hoster) which no pairing required. No more annoying pop-ups message asking for pairing.

This method has one drawback, since many popular hoster like Openload,, requires pairing and capcha solving, they will be automatically listed out from the list. Hence you can’t use their service.

Wrapping up: How to solve Kodi will ask you to do pairing for their service on Kodi, however its easy and only need about 15 seconds to do so.  This pairing is win win solution to provide their best service to their user to keep their server up and provide fast, reliable server free from buffering.

The pairing page is safe if you know what to do. The pairing will up to 4 hours before re-pairing again, which enough for most user to watch 2 movies.

Another method to get rid off pairing pop up message is to list out the movie source which requires captcha. Popular Kodi video add-ons have this feature included such as Exodus.

That is how to how to solve on Kodi. Happy watching

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