Useful Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

By | February 13, 2017
Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts

Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts

Operate Kodi with this must known Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts. Get to know about Kodi full screen shortcut and more

If you are using Kodi with your PC whether it is Windows, Linux or other devices with Bluetooth keyboard installed, you must be wondering how to operate Kodi with your keyboard. Here we have…

List of Useful Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Toggle switch between full screen mode and windowed mode
    Shortcut: “\” (backslash)
    For the initial launch Kodi, by default will show in full screen mode. With this shortcut you can switch the screen to windowed mode, and vise versa.
  2. Return to Previous tab menu
    Shortcut: Backspace
    Head back to your previous menu/tab
  3. Play
    Shortcut: “P”
  4. Pause/resume
    Shortcut: Space bar
    Clear enough
  5. Stop
    Shortcut: “X”
    Stop current playing movie
  6. Fast Forward
    Shortcut: “F”
    Fast forward your movie 1x = 2x speed, 2x = 4x speed and soon
  7. Rewind
    Shortcut: “R”
    Rewind your movie 1x = 2x speed, 2x = 4x speed and soon
  8. Volume Up or Down
    Shortcut: + (plus) or – (minus)
    For volume control
  9. Mute/Unmute
    Shortcut: F8
  10. Subtitles ON/OFF
    Shortcut: “T”
    Enabled and Disable subtitle (if you have configure it, see how to add subtitle on Kodi)
  11. Return to Home page
    Shortcut: “ECS” (escape)
    Go to Kodi front interface/Home Page
  12. Audio delay control
    Shortcut: “A”
    To delay the audio if the sync is off with the movie.
  13. Fast forward with 30 secs interval
    Shortcut: “->” (right arrow)
    Allows you to fast forward with 30 seconds intervals.
  14. Rewind with 30 secs interval
    Shortcut: “<-” (left arrow)
    Allows you to rewind with 30 seconds intervals.
  15. Screenshot
    Shortcut: “Prt Sc” (Print Screen) or CTRL + S
    Take a snapshot and save it
  16. Zoom
    Shortcut: “Z”
    Manage aspect rastio/resolution for currently playing movie. Press multiple times to pick the best resolution for you.

Now you know how to operate this media player using this useful Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts. With this, you can easily control Kodi without pressing the wrong buttons again.

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