How to Uninstall Addons on Kodi Krypton (17.5/17.4/17.3/17.2/17.1)

By | April 6, 2017

Learn how to uninstall addons on Kodi Krypton. This simple steps allow you to remove unwanted addon from your Kodi system.Uninstall Addon on Kodi-featured

There are several reasons for add-on needs to be removed from Kodi. The add-on suddenly stop working, crash, or the developer stop its update and service.

In my case, when first time using Kodi, I installed many add-ons just to try its service and curious about the movie content. And I found that many of the add-ons didn’t work and even unable to stream anything.

It is a wise to remove unnecessary addon from Kodi. Rarely used addon might also become troublesome when keeps updating all the time. It wastes your bandwidth, make your Kodi get slower on initial launching and even give negative impact to Kodi performance.

Uninstalling add-on on Kodi krypton is easy to do with a simple steps, in fact it takes less then 5 seconds to do. This tutorial to delete addons Kodi works for all devices, whether on Fire stick TV, Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OSX, linux and even on Android TV Box.

How to Uninstall Addons on Kodi Krypton (17.5/17.4/17.3/17.2/17.1)

Follow steps below to remove add on on Kodi 17 krypton

  1. Start Kodi
  2. On the Home Page navigate to Add-ons then right click on the addon you want to remove (Tap and hold if you are using smartphone or press C if you are using keyboard or Menu button on your remote)

    Uninstall Addon on Kodi-Select addon

    Select Add-ons

  3. Select Information

    Uninstall Addon on Kodi-Select info

    Right click menu

  4. Lastly, click Uninstall button at the bottom

    Uninstall Addon on Kodi-uninstall


  5. Select YES for the message, and that’s it. Easy isn’t?

Additional Note:

You can’t uninstall particular add-on that is currently needed by other add-ons. For example, removing Quasar video add-on is not possible when Burst program add-on not yet removed. This happened because Burst needs Quasar in order to run.

Uninstall Addon on Kodi-can't remove addon

So, keep in mind that you need to first remove the mentioned add-on(s) on the message before proceed uninstalling the related add-on.

That is the easiest way uninstalling addon on Kodi krypton. Hope this helps

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