Quasar Kodi Addon: How to install Quasar on Kodi Krypton

By | April 5, 2017
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Install Quasar on Kodi Krypton

Quasar is relatively new kodi addon for movie streaming. What makes Quasar different is they use torrenting as the movies source.

Quasar has just released new update (previously Pulsar) where many aspects are added. New version Quasar provides larger movies database and also a new user interface.

New features on Quasar Kodi

  • Library integration. Organize and create playlist for movies and TV shows
  • Multi-torrent support
  • Android compatibility
  • New interface to make easier install content provider on Quasar

With Quasar you can watch and stream a video torrent file while you download.  Quasar has the capability to scrape various torrent sites. That, you can get a large movie database from many popular torrent sites available.

How to Install Quasar on Kodi Krypton

Here is detailed step by step installing Quasar on Kodi Krypton (17.1/17).

  1. Quasar uses Kodi for torrenting, hence you need first to give it permission for accessing your Kodi.

    Start Kodi, Home Page > Setting > Services Settings > Control > Then enable ‘Allow remote control from applications on other systems

    Install Quasar on Kodi-Homepage Setting

    Home Page setting

    Install Quasar on Kodi-Allow remote from other system

    Enable allow remote control from other system

  2. Next, download Quasar add-on zip file from https://quasar.surge.sh/. Pick one for your device.

    Install Quasar on Kodi-Quasar official page

    Download add-on zip file installer from Quasar Official page

  3. Now, you need to install the add-on zip file. From Home Page > Add-ons then click Add-ons installer icon at the top > Install from zip fileInstall Quasar on Kodi- Homepage AddonHome Page add-ons
    Install Quasar on Kodi- Addon Installer

    Add-ons installer

    Install Quasar on Kodi-Install from Zip

    Install add-on from zip file

  4. Now, browse to where you located the Quasar zip file then click OK. Quasar installation will be started, wait til the notification pops up.

    Install Quasar on Kodi-Quasar Enabled

    Quasar add-on enabled

  5. Next, you need to do additional setting for torrenting path on your system. Go to Home page > Add-ons > Video Add-ons then right click on Quasar add-on (tap and hold for android)  then click Settings
    Install Quasar on Kodi-Quasar Setting

    right click to show Quasar setting

    Next, set the path for your download folder. Make sure the storage drive is not formatted in FAT32. Lastly, click OK

    Install Quasar on Kodi-Configure Path

    Set your folder path for torrenting

  6. The main component of Quasar has been installed on your system. However, you can’t stream any movie yet. You need to install torrent provider in order to do so. The official provider from Quasar is called Burst. After installing Quasar you will be automatically asked to install Burst, do it. Or, you can do this manually.

    Go to Home Page > Add-ons then click Add-ons installer icon at the top > Install from repository > Quasar Repository > Quasar Burst > Install

    Install Quasar on Kodi-Install Burst repo from Quasar

    Select Quasar Repo

    Install Quasar on Kodi-Burst enabled

    Quasar Burst enabled

  7. Now you are ready. To play movie from Quasar, go to Home page > Add-ons > video add-ons select Quasar
    Install Quasar on Kodi-Open Quasar

    Open Quasar Kodi Addon

    Find your movie tittle based on various filter, or you can do searching. Then select the available server on the list

    Install Quasar on Kodi-Open Quasar select server

    Available movie server list

  8. Done. Happy watching

How to Add More Quasar Provider

If you think Burst database is not enough for you, you can add more torrent provider on Quasar. With this, you will have larger movie content and you can find your movie which Burst cannot provide.
To do this you need to download add-on kodi program zip file from this page

  1. Now install the add-on  Home Page > Add-ons then click Add-ons installer icon at the top > Install from zip file then browse for ‘repository.unofficialquasarmirror-1.0.3.zip’ where you saved the downloaded file.
    Install Quasar on Kodi-Unofficial provider install

    repository.unofficialquasarmirror-1.0.3.zip installation

    Install Quasar on Kodi-Quasar unofficial program enabled

    Quasar unofficial repository enabled

  2. Once the add-on enabled, go to Home Page > Add-ons then click Add-ons installer icon at the top > Install from repository then select Unofficial Quasar Repo Mirror > Program Add-ons

    Install Quasar on Kodi-Quasar unofficial install repo

    Install torrent provider from unofficial Quasar repository

  3. You will find various provider on the list, each may have specific content for example anime movies, drama and so on

    Install Quasar on Kodi-Quasar repo program addon3

    List of torrent provider

  4. Select to install. Wait till a notification pops up

    Install Quasar on Kodi-Quasar repo program addon4

    Quasar MC RARBG Provider

  5. That’s it, once the providers installed it will automatically added to Quasar. Next time you search movie from Quasar, this add on will show the result along with Burst provider.

That is how to install Quasar on Kodi Krypton. If you have any problem comment down below.

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