(News) Install Kodi on Xbox without Firestick

By | February 14, 2017
Install Kodi on Xbox without Firestick

Install Kodi on Xbox without Firestick

As today, Xbox fans can only enjoy Kodi using external devices such as Firestick TV or Raspberry pi. This method can’t be said installing Kodi on the console. However, this indirect method will be left behind in a few months. The day is counting when Xbox fans will be able to get fully supported Kodi on their console and install kodi on Xbox without Firestick.

Kodi is Coming to Xbox One

The kodi popularity seems have reached to the point where Microsoft becomes one of the big fan. Following the success of Kodi on Windows Store, in just two months Microsoft announced that Kodi’s developers would start making it available for Universal Windows Platform. Once this project is done, Kodi will fully support running on Xbox One and One S.

The Home Coming

Kodi once part of Xbox development for media center, known as XBMC. This software supported the first Xbox generation, although it was not available on pre-installed.

Since then, XBMC has come on leaps and bound on its development. At some point, XBMC became independent team apart from Xbox media center development. Later on, XBMC had the software changed known as Kodi and become open source under non-profit XBMC foundation.(see detail What is Kodi)

The Kodi home coming will be a great news for Xbox fans. Soon, they will be able to fully enjoy tons of excellent Kodi features on their console.


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