Fix Kodi Installation Error Platform Update for Windows (KB2670838) Required

By | October 25, 2017

Kodi setup error update for Windows (KB2670838) required

Some Windows 7 SP1 users have problem installing Kodi 17.x Krypton on their PC. The message says “Platform Update for Windows (KB2670838) is required. Download and install Platform Update for Windows then run setup again.”.

Strangely, the error message persists although users have already installed Windows KB2670838 platform updates on their system. This unexpected behavior left many Windows 7  SP1 users (either 32bit or 64bit) hanging unable to install Kodi 17 above.

This Kodi installation problem has been around for a while. There are discussion about this error on official Kodi forum going on since 2016 right after the first release of Kodi 17.1. However, there is still no ideal solution for all users and Kodi official developer still trying to figure out what the cause of error.

I have listed several problem solving to fix Kodi Installation error “Platform Update for Windows (KB2670838)”. There are various solutions for this fix, however, one solution may work for you and not for others. So, you have to try which one suit yours.

Before we move to the problem solving, you have to check whether Platform Update for Windows (KB2670838) already installed on your system.

How to check Windows (KB2670838) Platform Updates installed or not

  1. Click Start Menu
  2. Type view installed updates on the available form

    Kodi Installation Error Platform Update for Windows (KB2670838) Required Fix-view installed updates

    Type View Installed Updates

  3. Then click View installed updates on the result
  4. See whether Update Microsoft Windows (KB2670838) already installed or not

    Kodi Installation Error Platform Update for Windows (KB2670838) Required Fix-result

    Update Microsoft Windows (KB2670838) already installed

If there is no KB2670838 on the list, then you have to install it first. Here to download from Microsoft official page. However, if you got the update installed but the problem persist, you can continue read the fix below.

Fix Kodi Installation Error Platform Update for Windows (KB2670838) Required

Here are the various methods to fix this Kodi setup error. I have ordered the solutions from the easiest to more advanced step.

Method 1: Install the first Kodi 17.0 Krypton version

Install Kodi 17.0 Krypton version and not Kodi 17.x above. The setup error occurs only for Kodi 17.0 versions above including Kodi 17.1, 17.2, 17.3, 17.4 and the latest version Kodi 17.5.

One developer from the forum suspected that the error on Kodi 17.x is caused by the Windows Update detection command checking the Windows Update version at initial setup. This code must passed before user began installing Kodi on Windows. However, this line of command have not yet applied on Kodi Krypton earlier version which is 17.0.

So, the first solution is installing the Kodi Krypton version 17.0 instead of the next successor versions. There is not much change you will experience between kodi 17.0 and Kodi 17.x above especially for user interface. The UI is exactly the the same, hence you won’t find any difference step installing your favorite third party add-on.

You can get older version Kodi for windows from Kodi download page.

Method 2: Use Windows app compatibility troubleshooting

Use Windows app compatibility troubleshooting. This is the built in feature from Windows to check app before the installation. It allows you to detect the missing component and other problem for app setup.

This fix have solved many forum users Kodi setup problem, and this is the favorite and the easiest step you can try.

  1. Right click on your Kodi installation file then select Troubleshoot Compatibility

    Kodi Installation Error Platform Update for Windows (KB2670838) Required Fix-troubleshoot compatibility

    Right click -> Troubleshoot compatibility

  2. Wait for a while for Windows to detect the issues. Now, click “Start the program” to open Kodi installation app.

    Kodi Installation Error Platform Update for Windows (KB2670838) Required Fix-Start the program

    Start the programs

This solution works fine for most users. This is the easiest method you can try to fix Kodi Installation Error Platform Update for Windows (KB2670838).

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