5 thoughts on “How to Add OpenSubtitles on Kodi 17 Krypton (No login required)

  1. bart

    Followed all instructions…. still doesn’t work. Says login credentials are invalid. Login works fine on opensubtitles.org.

  2. katharine navarro

    I followed all these steps and I found three subtitle downloads for Lord of the Rings Fellowship and it’s not working? They are enabled and everything and still no subtitles, my mom is hard of hearing

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  4. JoeBon

    Have tried this about 1000 times now, over a period of months, always getting the login fail. I am 100% sure I have registered on the right page, I am logged in on their website right now, the login details are correct, as I have retyped them many many times over and even changed my pass on their page several times to make sure. Still get this error. My keyboard will not last much longer if I retry anymore lol.
    So what is wrong?


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