Covenant No Stream Available Fix

By | November 4, 2017
Covenant no stream available fix-featured

Covenant no stream available fix

Here is Covenant “No Stream Available” fix. A method to solve error unable to view any streams in the Kodi Covenant addon.

Many Kodi users complaining about Kodi Covenant not working in their devices. The error pops up message says “Covenant No Stream available”, this is happened you are when trying to search for movie tittle.

Covenant no stream available fix-select movies

Covenant checking providers

Covenant no stream available fix-error message

No Stream available error message

This unexpected behavior returned “No stream available” instead of dialog box to select stream as normally does. This issue has been around for a while, and let many Covenant fans hanging, unable to enjoy their movies from this favorite Kodi addon.

Fortunately there is a simple method to fix this issue, see below

Covenant No Stream Available Fix

  1. Open Covenant addon.

    Covenant no stream available fix-home screen addons2

    Launch Covenant

  2. Now, select SETTINGS: Playback

    Covenant no stream available fix-playback

    SETTINGS: Playback

  3. Set the Default Action to “Directory” then hit OK

    Covenant no stream available fix-Default action directory

    Default action > Directory

And done, that is it all covenant “No stream available” error fix. Now back to previous page and re-select your movies. The error should no longer appear.

There are some conditions that this tips cant be applied. Whether the movie you select is too old, hasn’t released yet or there is no available video quality.

As you can see on the playback settings, there is an option to select the maximum video quality for movie to watch. If you select lower quality video, and there is only high quality video available, you will see this error. So it is a wise to check the setting and always set it to max.

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  1. Lynda DiCaprio

    This didn’t work for me. Do you have any other suggestions on how to fix the No Stream Available..


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