[Solved] Kodi Openload Pair Stream Authorization: Works also for VidUp.me and TheVideo.me

By | March 30, 2017
Kodi Openload Pair Stream Authorization-error

Kodi Openload Pair

You must noticed recently when stream movies online using Kodi from Openload.co server (now including VidUp.me and TheVideo.me), you will get a pop up message asking for stream authorization.

The message says “To play this video, authorization is required. Visit the link below to authorize the devices on your network: https://openload.co/pair then click Pair”

Or for the latest Openload pairing page, you will get this message “To play this video, authorization is required. Visit the link below to authorize the devices on your network: https://olpair.com then click Pair”

Kodi Openload Pair Stream Authorization-error3

https://olpair.com the new pairing page for Openload

Note: Don’t get confused about those two errors, both are the same. since https://openload.co/pair and https://olpair.com are the same pairing page for Openload (openload.co/pair will be directed to olpair.com)

I got this message when using Kodi Exodus addon, and I am sure this issue also happen for other similar Kodi video plugins. So, what is it about?

What is Kodi Openload or Olpair pair stream authorization?

To access openload free service you need to do pair stream authorization or commonly called device pairing. Device pairing itself is a process to register your device’s IP address to Openload system before using their services.

Reasons behind Kodi Openload pair stream authorization

There are two reasons behind this Pair Stream Authorization. First is to limit unauthorized access and limiting the service for human. This will prevent any bandwidth leak for better user experience, free from lag and buffering.

Second is about about monetization. To encourage you to visit their page where various ads displayed. This is a win-win solution between user and openload team, to keep their service up and provides you last updated movies.

Well, seeing the excellent performance from Openload.co server, which guarantees you fast and reliable streaming compared with other servers, I don’t mind doing 15 seconds stream authorization on this page. Also, once done the pairing, this will last up to 4 hours.

Then how to do this?

How to solve Kodi Openload pair stream authorization

This is what you must do when openload asking to pair device(IP) for authorization.

1. Using your browser, go to https://olpair.com (or as alternative https://openload.co/pair or https://oload.stream/pair)

Kodi Openload Pair Stream Authorization-openload olpair new

Openload pairing page

2. Tick/check the captcha challenge

Kodi Openload Pair Stream Authorization-openload olpair

Solve the captcha

3. Then click ‘PAIR’ button at the bottom

Kodi Openload Pair Stream Authorization-openload olpair captcha

Click Pair button

4. When pairing successful, you will see the page below

Kodi Openload Pair Stream Authorization-openload olpair Success

Openload pairing successful

5. Lastly, back to your Kodi and select the stream using Openload server again, the message will no longer appear

Kodi Openload Pair-select openload

re-select stream source from openload server

6. The authorization will last up to 4 hours. Hence, you need to repeat the pairing if the notification re-appear.

Done, enjoy your movie

What if I am using Firestick or TV Box?

Don’t worry, if you are using for example Amazon Firestick TV or other similar TV Box where you will have difficulties on typing and visit the openload.co page, you can do the pairing using other devices as long as it is connected on the same public IP address with your Firestick TV (If you are using WiFi at home means all devices connected using the same IP addres).

You can use your browser from android smartphone, PC, Laptop, Mac and so on then visit the http://openload.co/pair. Once you done the Openload pairing, the message stream authorization will no longer pop up for 4 hours on your Firestick TV. Then, if you got the message again, repeat the same step.

Note: If you are using VPN service, you must access the openload.co/pair using the VPN also.

VidUP.me and TheVideo.me pair stream authorization

Openload service is not the only one, VidUP.me and TheVideo.me also require pairing for stream authorization. The steps is exactly the same as above, except for the pairing page


https://vidup.me/pair for VidUP.me server

https://thevideo.me/pair for TheVideo.me server

For more detailed explanation about VidUp.me pair and another method to get rid of pairing message, you can read How to Solve Kodi Pairing for VidUP.me Server

For more detailed explanation about TheVideo.me read; Fix thevideo.me/pair error on Kodi

128 thoughts on “[Solved] Kodi Openload Pair Stream Authorization: Works also for VidUp.me and TheVideo.me

    1. Kodi Update Post author

      Hi Peter, selecting those servers is optional. You can choose other servers as well. However, it takes only 15 seconds to do this pairing.

      1. Sacachu

        The problem is not the pairing, the problem is giving away your IP number, that is, if you are not using a VPN service (Hint: if you use Kodi, you should use VPN).

      2. TT

        the wait for the captcha to appear after the ads have loaded is closer to a minute, and it usually fails the 1st few attempts. just a money grab, and most apps will not let you remove openload entirely, so you are forced to scroll through a long repeating list of openload links before you find something watchable. the app authors must be getting a piece of this action also.

  1. Reed

    Clicking the “pair” button on the Openload site pops up a full screen unclosable window.
    I’m using LibreELEC / Krypton 17.1 on a dedicated PC with Chrome browser and openvpn manager addons on a wired network.
    Chrome’s task manager ( SHIFT +ESC ) doesn’t kill it. I have to reboot.
    Upon reboot, openvpn manager auto selects IP different from before ( no way to set static IP).

    1. Kodi Update Post author

      Seems the chrome not responding, try to uninstall uneeded Chrome add-ons or reinstall the chrome, or you can try pairing using another browser? To make sure the browser load is not burdened by Kodi, do pairing first, once done close the browser then you can then launch your Kodi

      1. Cj fanning

        Honestly this makes me go thru this process every couple episodes.. It always opens spam adds which u have to close out to pair … Its entirely rediculous… Its very very frustrating when you buy some thing and it should be simple yet u have to spend half ur day pairing things 😱😱… And for some one with chronic pain issues whos some times lay up n bed for weeks its frusterating beyond belief… The other thing i dont get is why i can watch the 1st season of a show but go to 2nd season it says no exidius that is the WORST !!! MAKES ME WANNA KICK SOME ONE !!! Just my opinion or maybe others as well…

        1. DUDSCAR

          100%=right, plain ans simple bullshit. just try to trick you into buying there product. more people should complain about this

  2. Juliam

    Video.me seems not yo be working? I activate on my phone with same IP as Wi-Fi but kodi won’t pick it up.

    1. Kodi Update Post author

      Is there any integrated VPN in your browser? or may be data saver? Its wise to turn it off temporarily. Or you can try pairing using another browser in your phone

  3. joe

    This is bullshit pairing only last for 4 hours have to go through this every time you use it Kodi is going backwards quick

    1. oscar tango

      Only 4 hours? You watch tv on Kodi 8 or 12 hours a day??
      Copy, paste, enter. That’s it, done. If ‘going through this’ is ‘bullshit’, your life is waaaay too easy, Joe!!
      I would suggest something more productive, son….

      1. Beejjj

        Doesn’t any one have an answer for this pairing problem yet? It’s like a virus cropping up more and more with less and less availability. It does not work for us either through computer pairing or cell phone pairing.
        Video Me will say “you have 4 hours” but it does not happen. So frustrated…………………..

        1. Martin

          Bloody is a pain people need to stop uploading vids through these sites it’s fecking up people viewing. Well pissed with it

    2. Johnny

      …Watches free movies, thinks it bullshit he has to pair something every 4 hours… your life must be rough bro.

      1. Kent

        No. If you don’t get why Joe’s right, I’m surprised you even got any addon installed at all. Oh wait, you bought it pre-installed didn’t you? Your life must be rough…

  4. Amber

    My problem is the fact the it isn’t going through the first time most of the time I have to go to these sites. I’m up to 5 times trying to pair it just in the last 10 min without it going through. If it worked the first time every time I wouldn’t care so much, but this is becoming really annoying and almost not worth the hassle.

  5. Emanuel

    the whole pairing thing doesnt work anymore, i think it used to, but currently does not for me. I recently downloaded the most recent version, 17.3 i think. So, i do all the right steps, went to the correct website, hit the check mark or whatever it wants you to do, press pair…. it says i have access for 4 hours, and it appears that i’m ready to watch the show but i go back to Kodi and the prompt is still telling me to pair with the website. And if i press cancel to skip that source, the next best is some crappy quality stream. Anyone have a workaround? Could something like a firewall or antivirus software be stopping this stuff from pairing?

      1. Emanuel

        THANKS FOR THE FAST REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Kodi Update Post author

          Sorry Emanuel, got bunch stuff to do out here. I will automatically approve the comment so you will be able to share your thought with other kodi fans here

    1. Daniel Klamert

      I have the same problem. It used to work fine. Now since 17.3 it doesn’t do anything. Tried it from several devices on the same network (I only have one network). Juan keeps asking for a pair. Very frustrating.

    2. Jack

      It will always tell you to pair. Then it checks to see if you are paired before closing and playing. Sometimes it’s super quick sometimes not. It could be 17.3 too I can’t get much to play on 17.3 except ustvnow. I always get error “one or more items failed to play” which has nothing to do with this article.

      Honestly if you’re in the USA you don’t need Kodi as it’s a shitty app. A lot can be done just by mirroring your PC or hooking PC up to TV. You can even work around your device but judging by this article and these replies you people are not computer literate. I’ll even say too bright as these pairing boxes tell you what to do yet you need an article.

      Openload does not give you 4 hours, maybe 2 and a half. Those other pairing sites give you 4 hours but not openload.

  6. NotWorth TheTrouble

    Totally bogus. I use Exodus as well; I searched for ‘Saving Private Ryan’, went through the pairing (successfully) and then got to see ‘Legend’ in French. Awesome!

  7. Mike

    this is really annoying. once paired it should be good until end of watching session, not four hours only.

  8. PJ

    Since I updated to 17.3 my sub scene does not work. Nor does any of the sites we are discussing here. Everything worked before with 17.1 but now nothing what is going on?

  9. Mrs J Evans

    I cant understand why “No streaming available” keeps coming up Please advise – have I got the wrong settings?

  10. Bill

    I have a similar problem to Emanuel caused by VPN.
    I have attached a mini router to my home router and have OpenVPN pointing to a server accessed by my IPVanish account.

    This works well for all my devices however I have a problem when I pair up to OpenLoad . My home router public IP address is picked up rather than my VPN router IP Address. So I always get the pairing prompt as my VPN router needs to pair (I think!!).

    Any ideas How to fix this?

  11. Laura

    I have the same issue as Emmanuel. I keeping pairing on those 3 website, and continuously get the message stating authorisation required.

  12. nick_loss

    Was a longtime XBMC user, but stopped completely about a year ago. I was sick and tired of all the broken links and constant cat and mouse game in finding reliable HD content.
    Decided to give it a go again with this Krypton version. One of the first videos I selected gave me this pop up asking to pair my IP. I thought, here we go again…
    So I avoided those links, but they kept appearing. So what the hell, I figured I might just give it a go. I navigate to the page, clicked the recaptcha and active button. Like butter, it worked. There was no need to create an account, was not inundated with pop-ups or ads. My browser, Chrome did not freeze or exhibit strange behavior. Closing the page didn’t produce any pop ups, dialogs, or pages 2 open… it worked. like butter.
    I’m using an up-to-date version of Chrome, with the Fair Adblocker extension.. nothing else other than the embedded privacy settings in Chrome (which any prudent web-surfer would already be using).
    I’ve made shortcuts in Chrome, and even on my Android mobile. It takes me all of 15 seconds to activate streaming on all 3 websites. I usually do this before I even start picking content on Kodi.
    If the websites are able to pay their bills and staffing with The increased 15 seconds of traffic, good for them! I don’t want them to go back to the old days when they were constantly shutting down our Kodi source links.

  13. Harry

    The VIDEOME site no longer has the ACITVATE STREAMING bar?What to do?

  14. Barry

    Vidup.me gets an unclosable adware pop up ( clear browser cache to fix) which is annoying.
    The video.me sign in page has been hanging for about 4 days now, can’t get to the captcha.
    Maybe safari’s fault but it used to work fine.
    Open load pair works, but a lot of the streams don’t ‘catch’, and exodus skips over them to the next one in the list. Porn streams do work, go figure.

    1. Kodi Update Post author

      The adware pop up is likely to show sometimes, and its annoying, Thanks for the tips Barry. For exodus, many hosted movies have been dropped since the Kodi lawsuit. Some movies update may still there on the hosting sources

  15. Kacela

    Am I the only one that gets spammed with ads when I use my phone to go to anything but openload.co? Some of these random streaming sites are just walking viruses. Vidup was one that shut my phone down due to so many ads, along with a few others. I’ve only found 1 or 2 trustworthy streaming sites that don’t throw up 50 pop ups.

    1. Kodi Update Post author

      Make sure not to download anything they asked, they are all bunch of ads apps. the pairing is simple, just do the step above.

  16. shazzenz

    i dont even get the capcha in video me anymore. it goes to a screen asking me to register or sigino..wats happening?

    1. Kodi Update Post author

      Last time i checked, Openload/vidup.me/thevideo.me movie source only need pairing, no signup needed. Can you re-check the movie source you are using?

  17. TC

    What about if you’re using a VPN on your box?

    Pairing from another browser on another machine doesn’t work if I have a vpn setup on Kodi. Is there a way to do it IN Kodi?

    1. Kodi Update Post author

      Well, if you are using integrated VPN on your TV box, you cant pair with other devices. The only way to pair is by installing browser on your TV box then access the pairing address using your VPN connection.

  18. mclair

    looks like i may be changing media center software. this paring is not working as it should. i am having to pair with every attempt to stream or download something. if no stream is available then i have to try another server which requires another pairing and more ads. some of these ads can’t be closed without jumping through lots of hoops. once when this crapware first started i was trying to play a movie for my kids and during authentication an adult oriented ad somehow made it through my child protect add on and popped up right in front of my 4 children. i heard a bunch of ohs and wows in the background. i tried to kill it by xing out, didn’t work, cntl alt del didn’t work, back didn’t work, turning the tv off was the only thing that worked but by then 4 children had their eyes and brains imprinted with an image they will never forget. and it is NOT as easy as copy paste enter. if you are lucky enough to find a server right off then it is ctl alt out of kodi, then load the vidup.me site, then click captcha, then click several blocks picking out signs or cars, then click authenticate, then back to kodi and hope you have a working stream. if not you get to go back through it all again. plus, who can paste anything into a kodi form? i sure can’t. doesn’t work. someone doesn’t know what they are talking about and needs to remain quiet. i cut my cords and started using xbmc, now kodi, because i was sick of the constant price increases of cable and sick of the constant ads and sick of the inability to control content. looks as if kodi is becoming more and more commercialized. even simple signups to streaming, scraper, subtitle, artwork, etc. etc. sites will result in your email address being sold to hundreds of email lists and a constant barrage of spam. kodi has become so bad that after years of use i am seriously thinking about moving on. originally xbmc was not about getting paid. it was about creating free, quality open source software. if these individuals was to make a living they need to get a job elsewhere. if i want to pay for software i’ll contact windows, or amazon, or netflix, or zulu or whoever. i know i’ve hurt some fanboys feelings but so what, truth hurts sometimes.

  19. Frank

    The external ipaddress of kodi (on libreelec on raspberry pi) is not the same of the one on my phone or desktop. That is because I use VPN client on phone and VPN manager on kodi.
    Pairing will not succeed.

    1. Jobi Hauman

      You gotto click on the solve captcha box to complete it. If you have solved many captchas within a same IP, then you would face such issues.

  20. MD

    mclair, sounds like maybe you need a better box. And unless I have just been fortunate (or unfortunate) I have not seen anything your 4 kids haven’t seen already or will see some day by just going to the beach. I see “scantily clad” pictures of women which might be suggestive at best.

    Maybe I am just lucky but every time I get an authorization request which is always from openload, I type in the url but before I get 3 letters in, it is already pulled up on the browser. I just check the I am not a robot box and check the pair box and I am done. The stream authorization window goes away and the movie plays, I never have to do anything special for captcha like click on pictures. Of course, I don’t wait for it either, I just go straight to pair and it works. And 4 hours is sufficient time for me, since I work and do stuff other than watch TV all day.

    As far as commercialization is concerned, well, that is just business and if you think it is easy or doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to keep an addon running smoothly, then maybe you should try and do it sometime. Your comment about them “getting a job elsewhere” was totally uncalled for and if you really feel like that then maybe you deserve cable.

    BTW, I am not a developer or a “fanboy” (whatever that is ), just a person that was taught that if I don’t have something nice to say than don’t say anything at all. But hey, truth hurts sometime. Huh?

  21. Tanya

    4 hour connection time…. my foot…. have to re pair every 3 episodes. snap out of it and fix the pairing time.

  22. Pingback: How to Use Kodi: Play Videos and Music from Local Storage - PcGuidePlus.com

  23. Bobby

    Get a grip you people what’s so difficult, have a little patience. Just pair before you start kodi, all 3 take about a minute it total to do. If you don’t want popups just run an add blocker.

  24. Cj fanning


  25. Yeah right

    Can you please just give us a list of Every streaming site that runs though any of these so we can just shut them off? I have zero interest in visiting thier site. And I’m tired of Kodi not streaming because of Thier issues. With cinemabox already doing its own thing if we don’t get rid of this it’s. Not just going to cost them users but you guys too.

  26. Lou

    I tried to watch something on Kodi, but behind a VPN so disconnected long enough to play something. Did the pair thing on Openload, first occasion, got a popup that said that my PC was infected, and to click here for assistance on cleaning. Next occasion, avast said infection blocked. Is someone piggybacking on openload with this bogus or perhaps a real virus attempt

  27. pegama78

    Pues yo uso kodi en android box y por mas que le doy a las paginas y sale que se ha emparejado simplemente no funciona no me deja ver nada de Openload en mi caja android

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  32. trisha

    Hello, I’ve been trying to pair this stream authorization for my android tv box. The public IP address in Kodi is different from the IP address being paired in openload authorization. How can I open the stream authorization in my laptop and connect to Kodi’s VPN? Also, is it advisable to disable the VPN in Kodi?

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