How to Install Indigo on Kodi 17 Krypton: Best Add-on to Unleash the Power of Kodi

By | February 13, 2017
How to install indigo on kodi 17 krypton-Featured

How to install indigo on kodi 17 krypton

Find out what is Indigo Kodi add-on, and how to install indigo on Kodi 17 Krypton.

What is Indigo Kodi?

Indigo is one of the best Kodi add-on available from Tvaddons. With this add-on, you can unleash the power of Kodi to an advanced level.

Indigo has a set of tool for Kodi tweaking, from maintenance, clear cache, back up and so on. With indigo utilized, you will get many more benefiting features, what are they?

Indigo Add-on Features

  • Config Wizard
    This feature allows you to automatically set the best setting and tweak for your Kodi.
  • Add-ons Installer
    One of the best feature on indigo. With this, you can easily install add-on based on your search with your own query. Or, you can find add-on on the list based on the genre like Live TV add-on, sports add-on, video add-on, audio add-on,  and programs add-on.
  • Maintenance tools
    A toolbox set for Kodi maintenance like clear cache, purge cache, wipe add-ons, installing custom keymaps, disable auto maintenan and disable malicious script blocker.
  • Rejuvenate Kodi
    A feature that allows you to reconfigure Kodi to the previous restore point from config wizard. All data at that point will be restored, and your current data/setting wiped.
  • Factory restore
    Restore your Kodi to early fresh installation. All your data and setting will be wiped.
  • Network speedtest
    Tool for checking your internet speed connection. This usually helps you to decide which movies quality to stream.
  • System information
    Provides you a data about your system including Kodi version, time, local and external IP address, DNS, storage space, network status and resolution.
  • Backup and restore
    to back up all your data including add-on, setting and all your favorite playlists by packing them into a file. You can restore the back up file with this feature again.
  • Log viewer
    Provides you log for further analyzing. usually for error and troubleshooting

With those excellent features, it can be said that indigo add on is the perfect match for Kodi. If you already have enough reasons to install indigo, then follow step by step guide below

How to Install Indigo on Kodi 17 Krypton

  • Before we start, turn Kodi to Windowed mode by pressing “\” (backslash) on your keyboard. With this, you can easily read the guide while you operate Kodi.
  • To navigate, use your mouse pointer or left-right key. To select, click with the left mouse or press enter key.
  • Head back to the previous tab, press “Backspace
  • Back to the HomePage, press “Esc“  (see more useful Kodi keyboard shortcuts)
  1. Launch your Kodi. Click Setting icon the top

    Install Indigo on Kodi 17 Krypton-Home page setting

    Click setting on Home page

  2. Now, select File manager and double click Add source
  3. On the small window, double click <None> then on the form, type then click OK
  4. Enter the name according to your like, ie: Fusion then hit OK

    How to install indigo on kodi 17 krypton-source naming

    Don’t forget to set the name

  5. Now head back to Home page then select Add-ons. Now click add-ons icon on the top-left

    How to install indigo on kodi 17 krypton-click add ons icon

    Click add-ons icon on the top-left

  6. Now, select Install from zip file. If you haven’t enabled the permission for installing from external source, a message will pop up (see detail about enable unknown source on Kodi). Next Click Setting then tick enable unknown source then click YES for the message.

    How to install indigo on kodi 17 krypton-Enable unknown sources

    Enable unknown sources

  7. Now, back to previous menu by pressing “backspace” on your keyboard. Once again select Install from zip file. You will see a list of available source including your local storage. Now find and select Fusion (the given name from earlier).

    How to install indigo on kodi 17 krypton-Install from zip file

    Install from zip file

  8. You will see three folders. click begin-here folder and select Now, hit OK

    How to install indigo on kodi 17 krypton-Install Indigo

    Click to begin Indigo installation

  9. Here, Indigo download is started. all you need to do is wait. There is no progress bar as indicator, don’t assume your Kodi is hang or responding. The download result will be indicated by a notification on your top-right Kodi window. The time needed depends on your connection speed.
    Install Indigo on Kodi 17 Krypton-indigo Enabled

    Indigo Kodi add-on enabled

    The message means that your installation is successful.

  10. Now you can access Indigo from your Home PageAddons. Done

That is how to install Indigo on Kodi 17 Krypton. Now, you can explore the features from this add-on. Hope this article solve your confusion installing Indigo.

7 thoughts on “How to Install Indigo on Kodi 17 Krypton: Best Add-on to Unleash the Power of Kodi

  1. Mr P

    Not working. Selecting Fusion as the source to install from zip just brings up a blank bar with two dots. No zip files. Tried on 2 devices. Seems either v17 Kodi is glitched or the TV addons website

    1. Kodi Update Post author

      I’ve just checked the add-on source from the zip, everything seems normal here (Server is not down). There are 3 folders begin-here, kodi-repos, kodi-scripts. However if the problem persists, you can first manually download those 3 folders to your local storage (download here Next, do the same step install from zip, then browse to folder where you saved the zip file.

  2. craig

    I have tried both methods …. I get an error message when I click on the video or program addon icons.
    Any clues on what causes this? I have installed on a LibreELEC box and it works perfectly.

    Maybe there is a problem with the Kodi 17 version??

  3. bryn

    hy I’m trying to put indigo on kodi 17.3 I get to step 13 its suppose to say indigo tool but nothing there only blue bar hope some one can help

  4. mus

    le message exact est impossible de se connecter au e=serveur reseau


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